Creating Your Own Marketing Style

Create Your Own Style

Creating Your Own Marketing Style

By Jana Beeman



I’m thinking about all my years in business as we fly from Nashville to Portland. I’m thinking “What have been the game-changers for me? In all my years in business, what were the pivotal moments?” 

Two things come to mind – and, strangely enough, they are related. 

The first one happened after I’d decided to stop performing dance as a freelancer or working for other agencies and start my own. 

And to settle any rumors before they start, no, I was never a stripper or Las Vegas showgirl!  🙂 I’d been told years before that I could never dance professionally. I was too short, at times too ‘fluffy’, at others just too muscular. So I decided that since I wanted to dance for a living and I was a bit unconventional, I would dance anything unconventional. Middle Eastern, East Indian, hula, Tahitian, Spanish, all kinds of fusion. And for 33 years, I made a better living as a dancer than most of those taking the more conventional path, even though I’m not a ‘natural’ dancer, never been the pretty one and never been a ‘look at me’ kind of person (in fact, I’m intensely shy). 

So, a few years into my career, I formed my own agency, mainly so I could assure my own safety, make sure it was the right gig for me, and have some separation between the ‘booker’ and the performer. 

At first, I was the only performer I was booking, so when people called looking for something else, I just turned them away. Lightbulb Moments

Then I got smart. 

I started talking with other performers, venue managers, DJs and bands, and shopped all the other local entertainment companies. I compiled notes, got pricing and feedback. All of this was long before the internet, BTW 😉 

When people called for a celebrity impersonator, I told them exactly where to call, who to talk to, what to pay and how to get the right price, and by the way, tell them Jana referred you. 

Back then, the entertainment industry was all cutthroat competition for any job. Every man for him/herself. Bit I was sending people clients I spent the time to educate. Weird, right??? 

One day, one of those other company owners called me and asked why I was referring to them. I told them about all the research I’d done and for (whatever specific kind of entertainment), they were by far the best. I don’t have performers who can do that so I simply refer clients to the best. Win-win. 

In all the conversations I had with those other agents, not ONCE did they ever just say, “Oh, ok – thanks” and hang up. 

Every one of them asked me what I specialize in. And I told them. I am one of the best at what I do, and am always early, prepared, and always over-deliver. Talk to these DJs and winery owners and see what they tell you. 

They did. 

Referrals started pouring inReferrals started coming in. Businesses told other businesses about me. Performers wanted to work with me. With one phonebook ad (small) and some elbow grease, I booked myself 200 – 400 or more shows each year, and grew to be the biggest agency in the San Francisco Bay Area, with over 70 first-class performers. 

All because I always look for the win-win. 

“If I can’t help you, it’s free. If you’re not happy, let’s make it right. If we can’t help each other, what’s the point of business?” 


Flash forward to my move to Washington State, where entertainment isn’t lucrative, I go through a life-changing injury and after about a year on the couch, I go back to school online and become a health coach (all while going through the most painful physical therapy you can imagine). 

I hire a coach. 

She brings me into a mastermind. Bring People into Your Network

The mastermind is all about collaboration and relationship marketing and win-wins for everyone. 

All of a sudden, I’m playing in the pool with the cool kids, the ‘names’, the ‘big-listers’ and we are all almost instantly friends. No games. No elitism. Just ‘how can we help each other today’.

How cool is that? I found my tribe of peers, I’ve cultivated and treasured those relationships, and they have become my family. Every time there is an opportunity to step forward in leadership in this group, I raise my hand. The more I participate and support, the more I benefit, and the more the group flourishes as well. 


So my second turning point? Embracing collaboration and relationship marketing for a second time in a new field. 

Sensing a theme? 

Choose fear or choose loveWe either function from fear or love. Those are the only two choices.

Fear = competition, talking people down, climbing the hill to success over smashed and broken people. Or fear may = not getting there at all. 

No thanks. 

Love = knowing there is enough for everyone. Enough clients. Enough money. Enough fame and success. Maybe even more than enough. Maybe more than plenty. Win-win.


I choose that.I choose love


So, now that you’ve learned a bit more about my journey, maybe it will impact you with the love I feel as I say “How can I help you today?” 

It’s not about me selling to you. It’s about me doing the work I was put on this planet to do. Out of love, I have to do it, and because it’s collaborative work, I can’t do it without someone like you. If I don’t put it out there, that’s fear taking over. 

How can I support you to rise to your next level, to jump easily over the hurdle currently blocking you, or to slay a fear dragon that’s got you cornered? How can I help you find the places where there’s money hiding in your business, where there’s more time to be freed up, where there’s more self-expression and contribution to be found? How can I help you create that community and support you crave? 

Let's find a time to talkIf you feel that what I’ve learned on my journey can help you on yours, then let’s talk. Go to my calendar right now and select a time for your Find Your Hidden Profits Strategy Session with me. There’s no charge to you for this session. Let’s uncover what’s slowing you down or blocking you, and let’s create a plan to move you past that. I promise you’ll experience exceptional clarity and a renewed sense of direction. 

If I feel we are a fit to work together, I’ll ask if you’d like to hear about my programs. But ONLY if I feel we’re a fit, and honestly, I don’t work with just anyone. If I don’t offer and you’re interested, then ask me. Maybe we can find a way to make it work. Here’s the important thing: If I know I can help you, I have to offer to share my programs. That’s how I help people transform their business success. But no is always an acceptable answer. If you say ‘go ahead’ and I tell you about the program I think is the best fit for you, no is still an acceptable answer. I have programs of all sizes from a few dollars a month on up, but I can’t coach the unwilling or the not-ready, so no is always acceptable. Easy, right? 

My only attachment is to help you grow to your highest level, whether it’s with me or someone else I may know. To support you so you don’t have to struggle like I have in business, back in the early days. I have no attachment to anyone working with me if it’s not a fit for them. 

Remember, it always has to be a win-win. 

Fair enough? 

I am here to serve you, my friends and peers, in a really unique way. The ‘how’ isn’t important – that comes out as needed. The ‘what’ is the key. 

The ‘what’ is to dissolve struggle wherever I find it. I have the tools and the know-how for that. So whether it’s the struggle building a new serving business, the struggle of breaking into a new income level, the struggle to finding the right ways to create recurring income, the struggle to be truly free inside a business you love – whatever your struggle is, let’s talk about it. And let’s help you find the community and support you need, even if it’s not with me. Even if it goes no further, I absolutely know you will find value in talking about your business and your dreams for it with me. 

It’s what I’m here for. 

So let’s find that win-win together. 

Find a convenient time here: 

If there’s nothing that works for you on my calendar, email me with your best days/times and I’ll see if I can work something out. If you have a friend who would benefit from a session like this, please forward this email and ask them to mention your name in the appointment notes section. 



PS: Not quite sure we should talk? Just email me: jana@ and let me know what you’re thinking and I’ll give you my honest input. Fair enough? 

PPS: No matter where you are in your business and what you may be facing, I’m positive that I’ve been up against something similar at some point and will have some ways around it. I am always happy to support, so sign up for a call now and let’s get you back in the flow. //www.timetrade.





© 2015, all rights reserved. Permission to share this article is granted as long as all bio and contact information below is included.


As a Coaching Skills & Business Coach for several international coaching schools, as well as working with private clients, Jana brings her 35 years of business experience in local and online marketing to the trainings she does. Her expertise in creating clarity, connection, community and clients is paired with a background in Marketing, Social Media, Enrollment Conversations and other aspects, both relational and technical, of business which allow her to coach business owners to succeed with integrity. She is Vancouver Holistic Chamber of Commerce Founding President Vancouver and is a leader and trainer within the Evolutionary Business Council, an invitation-only international mastermind of thought leaders and visionaries.

Jana is available for international and local speaking opportunities and conducting business trainings and is a published author. Jana Beeman is also a Board Certified Health and Nutrition Practitioner, Certified in Hypnosis, Yoga/Restorative Yoga, and is an EFT, Meditation & Stress Relief Trainer. Her personal mission is to help clients get out of struggle and start really thriving so they can bring their true gifts to the world.  A portion of all income from this business is donated to various animal and wildlife preservation charities. Always has been, always will be.
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  1. Thank you so much for this article. I have found the coaching community to be the most open and friendly group of people I have ever encountered. I love your collaborative style.

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