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What are the issues that block you, stop you or slow you down? Where does your fear come up while you are building your business? What next step are you putting off because it just feels so out of reach?   If you have things you know you need to be doing but you’re not getting them done, it can often be the fault of an old belief, thought or old habit that you formed way back during childhood, and because those things are put in place to protect you, and they never ‘grow up’ with you, they never change. So what was originally a great defense mechanism for a young child becomes the Great Wall Of China between you and what you most desire in your life now.   Amazing, isn’t it?   So now what?   Well, these beliefs, thoughts, habits, fears and other obstacles can be worked with. Therapy is one way but it can take years, and often the obstacles remain. But there are other processes that ARE effective, fast, doable and will get you back on your path quickly and easily.   To find out more about this, let’s chat – it’s my gift to you. Every block or obstacle is different and I’ve spent my life finding all the ways to dissolve or change them.  Shoot me an email at jana @ createyourdreampractice . com (yes, you will need to remove the spaces – just trying to deter those darn spammers!) and I’ll send you a link to my calendar.   No matter what is stopping you from moving forward, I know one thing: there are ALWAYS solutions.   Let’s find some for you!

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