The Magic Is In the Follow-Up


The Magic Is In the Follow-Up

   By Jana Beeman   So, as I mentioned, I just went to a big conference here in town. At other times, I travel to events. No matter where I go or what I do, I connect and talk with people. By the time I get home, I’ve got tons of cards and notes. Has this happened for you? And what the heck to you DO with all this so it doesn’t just keep hanging over your head? Here are some tips for managing connections:
  • Always note something to remind you who the person is on the card and what you talked about
  • Keep all cards in a zip-lock bag so they don’t get away from you
  • Whenever you have a chance, make longer notes in a notebook and keep those pages with the cards. If you have a long day, you can lose so much of a conversation
  • Either use a cellphone card capture software or enter ALL the data into a spreadsheet or other software, and be sure to include your notes
  • Have some kind of follow-up system in place, whether by phone or email, so you can touch base about whatever you talked about
Does sending that email or making that call freak you out? Don’t worry – that’s pretty normal. What sets successful entrepreneurs apart from those who won’t do as well is just doing it anyway. It doesn’t have to be that hard. If emailing, it can be as simple as: “Hey it was great to connect at (event). I just wanted to touch base with you and see if we could set a time to chat more about (whatever you discussed)” OR if you didn’t have a topic, you could just say “see if we could find some time to chat and see how we might be able to support each other.” Then include some times that are good for you. See? That’s not so hard. By phone, same thing: “Hey (name), wasn’t the (event) amazing? We really didn’t get a chance to talk much (can include about what here) and I’d love to find some time to chat a bit more and see what kind of mischief we might be able to get into together. Do you have any time over the next week or so?” Use your own words. Be your own self. Be fun, be friendly, be open. The real key here is to actually follow up. I know you don’t like it. It gets easier every time you do it. And… it will change your business. Completely. So, whether you connect with people in networking, at events, by phone, on social media – no matter where the conversation begins – keep it going. Reach out, touch base, connect. Can I tell you a secret? Once you get going, it’s really fun! Seriously!! If you need some help, let me know. You’ve got this, and I’ve got your back. Email me any questions or concerns. Warmly, Jana   “If we can’t conform, then let’s transform.”  – –  me 😉

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