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What’s YOUR Mission?


You may or may not know me yet, but I have something to share with you that could make a big difference in your life.

You see, I’m a business coach with a truly massive mission.


Well, my massive mission is to help other heart-centered entrepreneurs and healers develop their own truly massive mission (if they don’t already have one) and then make it happen.

Simple, right?

How many people do you know who are truly living their dreams?

There just aren’t that many.

Part of the reason is that most people are afraid to dream big, afraid to put it all out there and actually go for it. It’s scary, right?

The other part is that they are either unwilling or unable to truly see the vision. To truly allow the mission to unfold, even in their minds.

See, I’ve always been a dreamer. Maybe it was because dreams allowed me to escape from the debilitating chronic migraines I suffered 85% of every month all my life, or maybe it was just because I grew up trailer-trash dirt poor and always knew there was something bigger than that.

When I was a kid and first heard about endangered animals and how fast species were disappearing, I decided that I was going to help save a species. No clue how, but I was going to do it.

I have contributed to saving the California Condor and the Black-Footed Ferret, as well as helping the Brown Pelican.DSC_0040-cropsm

I set a goal to achieve ONE, and together with a ton of really passionate people,we saved THREE. And I’m not done yet. My new goal is 10 more. And when I achieve that, I’ll just keep going.

And the more I think about big goals and a passion-based mission in life, the more I have realized I have one more Endangered Species to save: the dreams of entrepreneurs.

This is about fueling the dreams, then giving people the means to achieve them.

Sounds lofty, doesn’t it?

Hey, I’m the girl who’s going to save 13 or more endangered species in my lifetime. How can I NOT dream big?

And how can YOU not dream big?

So, to support those entrepreneurial dreams and missions, I’ve created a way to get you some inspiration, some guidance, a ton of training, and a ton of really massively great content.


Yep, everything I’m putting into these telecalls is free for the taking.

Question is… will you TAKE IT? And USE IT? And BUILD a dream with it?

I sure hope so.

So what the heck am I talking about and what will it look like?

Really simple…

I’ve created a twice monthly call series, just 30 minutes per call so it’s quick and easy, where you canlearn tons of tips, tricks, techniques and business mastery secrets both from me and from a multitude offabulous entrepreneurs who are building their own vision and reaching for the stars to make massive change in the world.



Thought leaders.

People just like you and me.

This is my gift I am giving to the world. All I ask is that you share it with others, so that we can ‘infect’ the world of business with purpose, vision and missions that will change the world for the better.


You won’t be sold ANYTHING on any calls.

You can choose to take advantage of free gifts that may be offered, but there will be absolutely no selling on the calls.

There will always be free recordings, and I will leave them up on the replay page as well as emailing you the links.

How easy is that???

Ok, so there is one small catch. You have to actually LISTEN to them and then… TAKE ACTION! DO something, move forward, dare to dream.

But I promise, in every one of these calls, you will learn something that will move you forward in your business and your life.

We’ll talk about the business of business – you know, marketing, online and offline steps, all that good stuff.

We’ll also talk about the mindset of business – how to be in the right mental space in your business and the other parts of your life, and how to get more done faster.

And we’ll talk about energy. The energy of business, of life, of mission, and how to manage that energy.

We’ll talk about every little piece of business, and in each and every call, you’ll come away with an action step or two that you can put in place RIGHT AWAY to move yourself, your business and your vision forward in a powerful way.

Momentum builds on itself. We’re going to create that momentum 30 minutes at a time.

So sign up RIGHT NOW – you always have to take action, right? So just do it.

Let’s get going and growing together, so we can all watch our collective dreams blossom and flow into the world.

Make a commitment to make these calls live, and we can talk about what we are committing to on our dedicated Facebook group, so we can support each other between calls. Here you’ll find a lot of the people you WANT to be surrounded with, to get to know and to work with. A melting pot of heart-centeredchangemakers and missionpreneurs.

Step up. Make a difference. Change the world.

Let’s start right now.

Join us.


Your information is safe! We will never share your personal info in any way.


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