How to Keep the Ceiling from Crashing Down on Your Business

How To Keep The Ceiling From Crashing Down on Your Business

By Jana Beeman

There are always moments when every business owner just can’t help thinking about all the things that can go wrong in their business:

  • You don’t have enough clients or customersCeiling crashing down
  • Some of your clients leave, taking their money flow with them
  • You don’t have a system in place to attract more customers
  • Your income plummets, you can’t pay your bills
  • The collection calls start
  • You have to find another way to make money
  • The frustration, fear and stress are just waiting to leach away your health and wellbeing
  • You’re not able to support yourself and your family
  • You lose your sense of self-confidence, security, satisfaction…

Not a pretty picture. But in business there are always some ups and downs, and if we don’t have a plan that keeps us moving above the economy and the other things that can affect our income, then we may start to see some of these issues come up.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, right?

What kind of plan do you have in place right now to keep you consistently moving forward? Are you working off a marketing plan you created in business school or several years ago? Do you have a plan to increase your income over time?

Whether you’re just starting a business or have been going for a while, you always need to plan how to generate your income. Some businesses do great on word of mouth – I know mine do – but when you need to build beyond what you’re achieving now, planning is always the best place to start.

So how do you create a plan? Let me give you the fast and simple version:

Create a Clear Vision of the Future

  • Clear Vision – In order to know what steps to take, you have to have a really clear vision of where you want to be. Knowing exactly where you are now is a start – number of customers, where they come from, how much revenue they bring in, what their problems are.

Then look at where you’d like to be at some point in the future. How many more clients, how much more revenue, from what new sources, and what OTHER problems can you solve, in addition to what you have now?

  • Planning – Once you have a clear vision, you can start setting goals around that. Say in one year, your vision is to have 20 new customers and $10,000 more income, and you want to generate that through social media.

So in 6 months, you need 10 clients, $5000 income, and be pretty good at social media marketing.

In 3 months, you need 5 clients, $2500 increase in income, and have found a social media channel that works for you.

One month from now, you need to bring in about 2 clients and $800 in income, and have done some good research on social media marketing.

So this week, it’s the research because you can’t get clients and income if you don’t know where to start or how to do it, right? Now you have the bare bones Take Actionof a plan.

  • Taking Action – This is where a lot of entrepreneurs fall on their noses. Most of us are great ‘idea’ people and can dream as big as the ocean, but many of us really have a hard time implementing those ideas.

So once you’ve defined your vision and plan, you’ll need to create a new habit of taking action. Habits take about 21 – 30 days to form, because we are ‘wearing’ a new neural pathway in the brain that eventually starts to make that habit fairly automatic. Think of the way you see pathways through a forest or meadow – one animal put in some effort and started it, then all of the others started using it, until eventually it’s very deep and clear, and almost unable to be swallowed back up by the wilderness. Animals will always follow that path, because it is simply the easiest and fastest way to get from where they are to where they want to be. It’s the path of least resistance.

The downside is that it takes will power to create a new habit. Think about that last time you decided to work out every morning, and you made it a few days before you fell off the workout wagon. We only have a finite amount of will power, which is why new habits are so hard to create. So implementing your new habit early in the day will always work best whenever possible.

The Path of Least ResistanceMy business life didn’t start with business coaching, consulting and training. It started with intensive self-development. My path led me through all kinds of learning: psychology, hypnosis, human development, mental conditioning, neural reconditioning, hypnosis and so much more. As a result of almost 4 decades immersed in all this study and work, I’ve become masterful at shortcutting all of these processes. And now, what would normally take a person weeks of deep thought, a lot of time and attention and about a month of creating the habits can virtually be condensed into 3 hours.So how can you create a new ‘path of least resistance’, a way to get from where you are to where you want to be faster and easier? Great question. That’s a place where I can definitely give you some support.

In 3 hours, plus a little pre & post workshop effort (but JUST a little), you can have a clear vision, a plan and already be well on the way to forming the action-taking habits where most people fail. If you’re interested in getting some support, and also finding out how you can get that support essentially for FREE, jump over to and check it out.

You can do this.


Jana Beeman of Create Your Dream Practice Business My Lion copyCoaching is a Business Speaker, Trainer & Consultant specializing in helping entrepreneurs move past blocks, brainstorm solutions, dissolve fears and step into their power while creating systems and processes to assure long-term business success. She offers training and mentorship in how to sell without selling, heart-centered marketing, content marketing and advanced networking techniques to build community, connection and clients.

She is a business and coaching trainer for international coaching schools, running extensive group trainings for beginners on up, helping coaches increase their skills and defeat their fears both with clients and on stage. She integrates her background as Board Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Practitioner, (Certified in Hypnosis; Meditation & Stress Relief Trainer, Migraine Management. EFT & NLP Practitioner, Yoga Trainer) to help her clients move forward faster and easier than they could achieve on their own. 

NAPW Club President & Woman of the Year, Founding President of Vancouver Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Premier Member of the Women Speakers Association. Founding Member & Call Leader for Evolutionary Business Council, an invitation-only mastermind of thought leaders and visionaries, Founding Member Impact Coaches. CEO Space Grad. Life-long animal recuer and advocate.­­

International Speaker, Trainer, Published Author   360/ 263-5800

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